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Self Reflexology

In Massage and Self Care on November 17, 2010 at 12:12 am

Self Hand and Foot Massage
Reflexology is a system of massage and acupressure treatment where specific points on the hands and feet are used to improve the health and functioning of the entire body. It is possible to benefit from this practice even without a through understanding of reflexology charts. A basic massage oil or hand lotion can be used to gently rub all of your hands and/or feet, it can be helpful to add peppermint essential oil as well. The peppermint will help increase circulation to your extremities. Start by rubbing fingers on the hands or toes on the feet respectively  then continue to rub your palms and/or the soles of your feet, including the back of your hand and/or tops of your feet, there are some very useful points there as well.

Pay attention to any tender spots you find so that you can focus more on these areas. You will soon discover which places feel the best and which ones need more attention. A daily practice of Hand and Foot massage can relieve tension we accumulate in these areas from working and walking around all day, stuffing our feet in uncomfortable shoes all day and even more importantly it can  affect and improve the function of our entire body as well.


Abdominal Self Massage

In Massage and Self Care on November 7, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Abdominal Massage
This type of self-massage is best used after meals to improve digestion and/or to stimulate elimination when there is need or by women during their menstrual cycle. To perform abdominal massage, place one hand over the other as they lay above your naval. Breathe deeply as you move your hands together in a  circular-motion around your belly in a clock-wise direction. The clock-wise direction is synchronous with the digestive pathway of your colon. Repeat this motion for several minutes focusing your mind on your hands and continue to breathe deeply to warm your abdomen and improve circulation.

After a few minutes of this slow steady circular motion you may continue following the same circular, clock-wise pathway only add a light vibration to the motion by quickly, yet gently bouncing your fingertips into your abdomin as they travel across, down and around your tummy.  This added vibration stimulates peristalsis through out your digestive system and provides a great internal organ massage energizing them and improving their function.

QiGong Tapping Massage

In Massage and Self Care on November 1, 2010 at 3:13 pm

This form of self-massage is commonly used by many Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners while warming up before or cooling down after their meditative and movement practices. You can use it to energize yourself in the morning or before a workout. Start by forming your hands into a loose fist so that you can firmly tap your body from head to toe along the meridian pathways. First, tap you body along both the inside and outside of each arm. Then tap your torso down the front of your chest, continuing down to the front of your thighs. Repeat the tapping on the inside, outside, and back of your legs to cover the entire lower body. Finally, tap along your neck and behind your back to cover the remaining areas. This practice can be repeated several times, until your feel your body warm up from the increased blood flow.
You can also do this as slapping technique with loosely cupped hands rather than fists or by tapping with your fingertips and thumbs bunched together kind of like you are mimicking a birds beak pecking rythmically along the meridian points.