Abdominal Self Massage

In Massage and Self Care on November 7, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Abdominal Massage
This type of self-massage is best used after meals to improve digestion and/or to stimulate elimination when there is need or by women during their menstrual cycle. To perform abdominal massage, place one hand over the other as they lay above your naval. Breathe deeply as you move your hands together in a  circular-motion around your belly in a clock-wise direction. The clock-wise direction is synchronous with the digestive pathway of your colon. Repeat this motion for several minutes focusing your mind on your hands and continue to breathe deeply to warm your abdomen and improve circulation.

After a few minutes of this slow steady circular motion you may continue following the same circular, clock-wise pathway only add a light vibration to the motion by quickly, yet gently bouncing your fingertips into your abdomin as they travel across, down and around your tummy.  This added vibration stimulates peristalsis through out your digestive system and provides a great internal organ massage energizing them and improving their function.


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